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Introducing Krownique, gracefully pronounced [crown-neek], an noun birthed from the fusion of "crown" and "unique." At Krownique, we hold steadfast to the belief that every woman exudes an innate regal elegance, deserving nothing less than opulent colored wigs uniquely tailored to her individual essence.

We are dedicated to delivering nothing short of perfection, from our comprehensive selection of premium colored wigs to our unparalleled customer service experience. Discover the power of Krownique and unlock your true potential, because you deserve to radiate allure, boldness, and sheer sophistication like never before. Step into a world of unparalleled luxury and let Krownique redefine your hair color without the damage.


Meet The CEO 

Faith Amari

It is a well-established fact that Faith Amari serves as the CEO of Krownique LLC, drawing on 10 years of extensive experience in the realm of hair care. In December 2019, Faith graduated from cosmetology school and obtained a license, enabling her to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and create innovative styles of her own.

Driven by her lifelong passion for color and cuts, Faith was always eager to experiment with the latest hair trends on her natural hair. However, over time, she realized the deleterious effects of this practice, compromising the health and integrity of her hair. In pursuit of a viable solution that would allow her to express herself freely without compromising her hair's health, Faith discovered the transformative potential of wigs.

Her personal revelation led Faith to the realization that other women shared her struggle, all seeking a means to switch up their hair color, cut, or style without causing harm to their natural hair. It was then that Krownique LLC was created, embodying Faith's vision of empowering women to achieve their hair fantasies while safeguarding the health and vitality of their tresses.

Krownique LLC represents a noble accomplishment that demonstrates Faith's ingenuity, dedication and passion. Our goal is to help women feel confident and inspired, knowing that they can achieve the color they've always dreamed of without sacrificing their hair's wellbeing.

Our Mission

Krownique LLC's mission is to create or color human hair wigs to complement your natural beauty and enhance your style. We aspire to create the most luxurious custom colored wigs that embody individual elegance and demand attention. 

We firmly believe that every individual, regardless of their status as a corporate woman or a celebrity, deserves nothing short of the finest quality colors and wigs. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we craft each custom colored wig with meticulous precision, ensuring that it not only enhances your natural beauty but also passionately showcases your distinctive style.

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