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Our Story

Krownique pronounced [crown-neek], is a noun derived from the words crown and unique. We believe that all women are queens, and that all queens deserve luxury for their hair.

Only Krownique offers the most extensive selection of colored human hair wigs customized for all women. From vivid, unnaturally colored wigs to natural looking shades, we have a wide range of options available to make your dream wig come true.

Lets face it--it's no secret that many women desire a glamorous new look. Too often, most women are left with only one option, which many don't feel comfortable with: coloring their hair. At Krownique we provide the ultimate solution for achieving a gorgeous and natural looking new style without having to dye your hair.


Meet The CEO 

It’s no secret that Faith Amari is the CEO of Krownique LLC. She has 10 years of experience with hair care and graduated cosmetology school in December 2019. Faith then became a licensed cosmetologist, allowing her to not only keep up with the latest hair trends but to also create her own.

Faith grew up with a passion for color and cuts, always trying out all of the latest trends on her real hair. Overtime, she found out that her passion was causing damage to her hair. Faith then searched for a solution that would keep her real hair healthy and allow her to express herself freely without damage. Faith then discovered the answer to her dilemma: wigs. 

Faith realized other women were in the same boat when it came to wearing wigs. They wanted to be able to switch up their color, cut, or style without damaging their real hair. Faith then created Krownique LLC to provide these women with the dream wigs they've always wanted to keep their hair strong and healthy.


Our Mission

Krownique LLC's mission is to create or color human hair wigs to complement your natural beauty and enhance your style. We aspire to create the most luxurious custom colored wigs that embody individual elegance and demand attention.

We want to provide all women the opportunity to express their uniqueness, while still being able to maintain healthy hair and great quality wigs. Whether you are an everyday woman or celebrity, you deserve great quality hair.


 Contact Us

Have any questions queen? Email us at or fill out this form.